Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | March 30, 2006

Spiritual Refreshment | Four

If Jesus was convinced that his own life and ministry depended upon his prayer life with the Father, we as well must set our hearts to maintain uninterrupted time in prayer with our Lord, for this is the key not only to our ministry but to our very life as God intends it.
Henry Blackaby and Norman Blackaby

In today's final post on 'Spiritual Refreshment', I want to mention the importance of prayer. Or, to be more specific, the importance of a defined place for waiting on God and fellowship with him.

Although prayer is certainly a familar theme, perhaps what is sometimes not talked about directly is the importance of place – that is, having a familiar and defined 'meeting' with God. Yet when Jesus taught about prayer in Luke 11 and Matthew 6, the gospels record:

  • Jesus was praying in a certain place (Lk.11:1)
  • when you pray, go into your room, close the door (Mt.6:6)

There seems to be an encouragement to find a 'certain place', a familiar room or location for us to pray in. Somewhere we feel we can meet alone with the Lord. This place of prayer won't be the same for everyone, but there is a need to find a regular time and opportunity to wait before God.

Of course, times and places are not sacred in and of themselves, since we can pray anytime, anywhere. However, when we build into our lives a regular time and place to meet with God, we will find a new joy in prayer. Instead of concentrating on how and when, we will have a good habit that frees us to concentrate on God himself.


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