Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | March 31, 2006

eNewsletters to try (5 of 5)

One of the most prolific publishers of Christian online resources is the US website They also distribute a large selection of email newsletters covering a range of themes such as:

  • general Christian interest
  • pastoral/leadership
  • marriage and family
  • current affairs and society

These are circulated usually two or three times a month, depending on the theme. I have tried several of these over recent years and they often point towards some excellent online materials and articles. Christianity Today is such a huge website that these newsletters are a good bitesize way to discover some of their resources.

For all the wealth of resources, I do have two relatively minor criticisms: firstly, there is a strong commercial emphasis with the use of advertising, although it is usually related to the theme and not particularly intrusive. Secondly, it is geared substantially to the US Christian market and so not everything sits comfortably with me. However, these are both minor things which allow Christianity Today to make so much material available free of charge.

If you want to take a look, I would suggest you start at their newsletter page, where you can see the range of titles as well as subscribe or view a sample issue. To start with, I would recommend The Connection since it provides the broadest choice of links and topics. 

I hope you've found this month's newsletter links useful. If you have been following them, there is an important update on last week's post about David Allen and GTD. Of course, I would really welcome any of your recommendations for other newsletters to try. 


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