Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | June 2, 2007

Arthur Wallis – a radical Christian

One of the things I try to regularly highlight on this blog is the major impact Christian teachers such as Ern Baxter, Bryn Jones, Bob Mumford and many, many others have left to the church of this generation. From within the UK, I can think of few who were as influential as Arthur Wallis in his era, often described as a ‘statesman’ to the many men of God who knew him who were themselves significant church leaders.

Arthur Wallis died in 1988 but left a massive legacy, not just in the men, ministries and churches he shaped and taught but through his writings. For many years he edited and wrote for ‘Restoration’ magazine which helped to reshape the whole Christian church landscape while it was in print. However, one of his greatest gifts to the church was his book ‘The Radical Christian’.

Although this book is now out of print, Jonathan Wallis has kindly made this and several others of his father’s writings freely available online. If you have not yet read ‘The Radical Christian, you can download a PDF copy of it here. You can also check out the other books available here.

If you are reading this Jonathan – many thanks for sharing this resource so generously with the church!

NOTE (June 2012) – the download links in the original article are now longer active. However The Radical Christian is available here at the time of writing.



  1. Hi Hugh. It was great spending time with you this week. I thought I’d find your blog after we talked about it. Lookin good!

  2. Thanks Hugh. Great link. I must confess, to my shame, that I have not yet read this book. With this pdf, I’ve made a start 🙂

  3. You are so right about the impact of these great men on the shape of Cristianity in the U.K. and beyond. I’ve recently been researching the development of Restorationist teachings and have been amazed by the courage and faith these men must have had to listen to God and go against the grain of the majority of the Christian community of the time. I have only ever really known this expression of the Body of Christ and find it hard to imagine Church any other way. I look forward to reading The Radical Christian. There is always a danger that I could become a Comfortable Christian and I don’t know if I would impact much of the world for Christ from the safety of my armchair.

  4. He had a grat impact on my life, particularly “God’s Chosen Fast” and “Into Battle” and am now reading some of his other books in pdf format, particularly “Living God’s Way” and “On to maturity”. Pity the links don’t work to his other books. I’ve gotta to keep searching, searching as the song goes, (giving my age away there!) 😀 Now I’m on the mission field, having such books available on the web is such a boon as you can’t carry them with you.
    Was in the United Mission to Nepal Guest House in Tansen last month and was delighted to be able to read “Pray in the Spirit” whilst there. I’ll have to see if I can find that on the web too.

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