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One of the great features of blogging is being able to interact with other people. So whenever a post is published, comments and responses are welcomed. In fact, the more positive dialogue that is generated the better since it means that the article is of interest and worth talking about.

However, here are some basic groundrules that help to make the blogworld a better place to interact:

  • Although all comments are moderated, they are published ‘as is’ and are the view of the author alone rather than a reflection of my own position or understanding.
  • I may choose to edit or delete any submissions or responses. This is likely if I consider that the comments made are offensive or abusive in language/tone or if they are are completely off-topic replies.
  • When making comments, please be mindful that this blog is a public forum and your contributions will be treated as such.

Of course, spam about free iPods, physical performance drugs, money-making schemes etc etc is never welcome…



  1. Greetings friends. First of all I would be keen to know more about Ern Baxter’s MP3 messages – especially LIfe on Wings.
    But perhaps you can help me. I am doing research on the Charismatic Renewal Movement and the Restoration Movement that followed that. Unfortunately I ditched all my magazines from those periods! If anyone can offer suggestions of book or other resources I would be delighted!
    Malcolm Black – South Africa

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