Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 17, 2007

Bob Mumford

The church’s current generation has much to be thankful for. Pioneers such as Bryn and Keri Jones, Ern Baxter and many many others have provided leadership, teaching and inspirational examples that have taken Christianity in the UK and beyond to new levels of understanding of the purpose of God.

With websites such as Life on Wings, many resources and insights have been brought to a whole new audience (for which I and many others are very grateful!).

A comment added to a previous entry about Ern Baxter has asked for help tracking down MP3 resources from Bob Mumford. So if any of you out there know where to look, please add a comment to this entry so we can all benefit.



  1. Id like any messages from Ern Baxter. Please email them to me or tell me how I can get them. Thanks

  2. Allen, Thanks for your message enquiring about Ern Baxter resources. One of the best sources I know for material is the ‘Life on Wings’ blog You can also check out an archive of sermon recordings here

    Finally, I would really recommend visiting the New Wine Magazine archive that has just recently been made available online.

    I appreciate you visiting my blog and hope these links are of some help to you.

  3. I’m looking for resources from “JOHN POOLE” and would like to know whatever happened to him?


  4. Thank You very much for your response and all the info.

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