Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | April 10, 2007

Ern Baxter

Despite some encouraging reminders from some friends around the world, unfortunately I have still not made it back to the blogging world. However, a recent comment on a previous article is important enough for me to highlight here:

Hiya, just in case you weren’t aware – I am now able to copy all my audio tape library of Ern Baxter’s tapes onto MP3! I have finally cracked the software, so do get in contact anyone who would prefer a CD to the audiotape. Also I have just purchased the domain name – Ern Baxter dot com! It is my aim to have a professionally published website fitting the great giant of God that Ern was there in a couple of months or so, God willing. There will be MP3’s available for downloading, streaming and also of course transcripts.

Blessings to all!

This is great news for everyone who has been looking forward to reading and hearing more from Ern Baxter.  Just from the comments and from many of you who have written to ask, this new website will be valued very highly. As ever, thanks go to Dan for his incredible work in making these resources available for today’s church.

If you haven’t already visited, pop over to his two blogs  – Life on Wings or Spirit of God – to find out more…



  1. Good start brother. I am here for you…Slowly but …..little by little….:))))))

  2. Folloing this post, one enquirer has asked about other Ern Baxter resources, and in particular MP3 files.

    You may well have already visited this site, but you can go here for a transcript of ‘Life on Wings’
    Also, there is an abundance of Ern Baxter MPS3s here (including Life on Wings):

  3. Hi, Hugh!

    Looks to me like you made it back! Slowly by slowly…but nevertheless…

    … =-) …

    Welcome back!

  4. I used to have an audiotape by Ern Baxter, which I think was labelled Eagle Christians. It has long since “expired”, and I would really like another copy. Can you perhaps assist

  5. I have uploaded “Eagle Christians” and about 430 other teachings by Ern Baxter. I have digitized all of the cassettes I have and converted them to MP3. Download all you want at no charge.


    Dale Soileau

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