Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 16, 2006

Ern Baxter

Recently my friend Gavin White posted some superb quotations from Ern Baxter’s book ‘God’s Agenda’. I’ve not been able to get hold of copy of this title but I am aware of the amazing legacy he left the church. His radical Spirit-inspired insights into God’s purpose for the church in the world shaped a whole generation of world-class leaders.

His character and ministry was significant to many who now carry apostolic ministries across the world. Men such as Keri Jones, Terry Virgo and Dave Tomlinson all give significant credit to Ern Baxter for the revelation he brought to the churches they were leading. Series such as ‘The King and His Army’ brought important revelation to an audience hungry for the things of God.

Unfortunately Ern Baxter’s ministry is not widely available and most of what I am aware of I have only learned about through others. However, one resource that you may be interested in is Life on Wings, a transcript of some interviews that provide a rich insight into the man and his ministry. This was compiled by Dan Bowen and I came across it when it was posted here.

Does anyone else have any resources from Ern Baxter they can share with us? Just from what I have read so far, I am hungry for more…



  1. Thanks for this post Hugh – a few of us have been reading this blog which makes some further writings of Ern Baxter available

    Have a go on ‘new and used’ on Amazon – i’ve got some second hand books of Ern’s from there in the past

  2. Charles Simpson said “Ern was a prophetic preacher of the Word of God. He was an articulate and artistic orator of the Classic School. His voice both crescendoed in proclamation, and softened to paint delicately vivid pictures of spiritual vision. He was a self-taught theologian of the classic variety, preferring proven truths to fallacious fads. He was a classic custodian of apostolic doctrine, and he was a musician who loved the worship of God. Ern loved the Holy Spirit, Revealer of Christ, and the inscripturated Word of God”.

    New Covenant Church hear in St. Louis was greatly impacted by the life and ministry of Ern. We are blessed to have a tape library full of his teachings.

  3. Thanks for your comment and providing this quotation from Charles – the observation about ‘custodian of apostolic doctrine’ seems particularly apt given the impact he had on apostolic work here in the UK. I’m sure your tape library must be well used! Perhaps you could arrange to podcast some of the best messages? It looks like there is another generation hungry for Ern’s ministry.

  4. I have some excellent tape’s of Ern and Bob Mumford on the Kingdom of God. If I’d only known you were a fan Hugh you could have borrowed them while I was still in Swansea.

  5. Do you have all 5 tapes of;
    ‘The King and His Army’ circa, 1976 UK.

    [Hugh: Thanks for your query Peter. Unfortunately I don’t have these tapes but they are available from Anchor Recordings. Here’s the link. ]

  6. Hi. I have a 15 cassette tape series by Ern on Authority and the Kingdom. Contact me if you’re interested in obtaining them.

    Dick Schroeder

  7. Hugh, Charles Simpson Ministries are now the custodians of the Ern Baxter library (the thousands of books Ern owned and read); you can read about it here or why not take a trip to Mobile, Alabama – anyone else up for it?

  8. Is it possible to get the tapes or audio files of Ern's "Kingdom of God" sermons?

    [Hugh] Richard – thanks for your query. Unfortunately I don't have these but in one of the comments above I have included a link to Anchor Recordings who have the set 'The King & His Army' which may be of interest. I would also recommend visiting my friend's blog 'Life on Wings' that regularly publishes material from Ern Baxter's ministry. Hope this helps. 

  9. I want to extend an invitation to anyone who appreciates the wonderful legacy of Brother Baxter’s ministry to visit us at the Ern Baxter Memorial Library on the campus of Covenant Church of Mobile (Alabama). Brother Ern was a tremendously insightful and anointed prophetic Bible teacher, and a dear personal friend of my family. You can visit our website at for more information on the Library and the newly formed Covenant Institute.

    Also, by way of information, I have just returned last night from our annual Leadership Conference in Gatlinburg, TN. In addition to my father, Charles Simpson ministering, we were privileged to have Bob Mumford, Ken Sumrall, and Terry Virgo ministering as well. Also in attendance were longtime friends Bishop Joseph Garlington, Don Pfotenhauer, Tom Monroe, Dick Leggatt, Sally Fesperman, Lee Ezell, Bishop Levi Knox, Michael Coleman, Jim Hamman, John Beckett, Gary Bergel, and so many others. We will have news and photos up on our website this week. God bless each one of you and please let us know if we can serve you in any way.

    Stephen Simpson, Editor
    ONE-TO-ONE Magazine

  10. Dan’s done another transcript since the Life on Wings post you linked to. It’s also hosted on my site at:

    I’ve been slowly converting my Ern sermon tapes to MP3, but I still have a load more to do. I suspect Dan has got a whole pile of them as well. When I finally finish I’ll see if I can work out a way of distributing them to those who are interested.

  11. My mouth was most literally watering at the invitation to go to THE Library!! I for one am saving frantically to go … anyone want to join me on a tour!? Also the Leadership Conference sounds absolutely AWESOME with a formidible preaching trio of Charles Simpson, Bob Mumford and Terry Virgo among others. I do hope that CD’s will be available – that sounds like QUITE a conference!

    I do hope that the “Priestly Clothing” continues to bless people like it does me.

  12. hi. I have the King and his army on MP3 if anyone want them. or i can tell you where to download them. i also found a website that has some bob mumford and ern baxter and derek prince, mp3’s to download.

    also if any one has any tapes of ern baxter and bob mumford and is will to copy them for me i would be happy to pay the cost. I really Love these Guys they are my hero’s

  13. I am very interested in finding a recording of Ern Baxter’s sermon “Give Me the Keys” detailing the time Jesus spent in hell between the crucifixion & resurrection getting the “keys” from Satan. My parents are huge fans of Ern Baxter and I would really love to find this for them as it is their favorite. Thank you.

  14. Rachel, that is a wonderful message called “Thy Kingdom Come,” which Ern delivered at the 1975 “Shepherd’s Conference” in Kansas City. I believe we have a copy of it, which Ern licensed us to distribute many years ago. If you would like it, please e-mail me through our website Also, we are interested in acquiring other messages by Brother Ern, if anyone would like to contact us. Just this past week, we were honored to have visiting with us Dick Leggatt, former NEW WINE editor and presently a Director at Derek Prince Ministries.

    I am so encouraged to find this blog and to see so many who have been touched by Brother Baxter’s life and teaching. We would sincerely welcome visitors at the Ern Baxter Memorial Library. Drop us a line and let us know if you would like to visit us here on the campus of Covenant Church of Mobile (Alabama). And, we will try to arrange to be “hurricane-free” for your visit!

    Stephen Simpson, Editor
    ONE-TO-ONE Magazine

  15. I would like to download MP3 copies of messages by Ern Baxter. I am particularly looking for audio of a video series entitled “Perfection” on worship. We viewed it in the 1970’s but I have lost my notes. The five brethren (Simpson, Mumford, etc.) were producing the first video series before VHS and they taught on various subjects. Charles Simpson taught on the Home as I remember it. Any help would be appreciated. I have made several contacts over the last few years attempting to research tape lending libraries to no avail.


  16. Weldon, thanks for your enquiry. I can only suggest two leads, one of which is mentioned above. Firstly, the Ern Baxter Memorial Library established by Charles Simpson Ministries. They seem to have a fairly good collection of Ern’s recordings and they may well have this conference set. A link to their webpage which includes a contact is:

    The other alternative is to drop a line to the blog from his contact page. Dan Bowen who runs this site may well have a recording he is able to share with you.

    I don’t think either of these have MP3s available but they may be able to help you track these titles down.

  17. From the late 70’s New Wine Tape of the Month tapes, one of the teachers (Ern, Joe G., Don Baxter, I think) delivered a message about hope. The tape may very well have been entitled “Hope”.

    If anyone has that message or knows where I could find the audio of it, that would be appreciated. I can be reached at


  18. Staituk mentioned he has “The King and His Army” in MP3 and can advise where to download them from. I’m interested in locating.

  19. Looking for charles,ern,bob.and derrick prince-oh what gift from God .richard shaw introduced me to this group of men -we heed them all of you out there

  20. Hiya, just in case you weren’t aware – I am now able to copy all my audio tape library of Ern Baxter’s tapes onto MP3! I have finally cracked the software, so do get in contact anyone who would prefer a CD to the audiotape. Also I have just purchased the domain name – Ern Baxter dot com! It is my aim to have a professionally published website fitting the great giant of God that Ern was there in a couple of months or so, God willing. There will be MP3’s available for downloading, streaming and also of course transcripts.

    Blessings to all!

  21. I am trying to find somewhere to download (preferably) mp3’s of Bob Mumford teaching. Anyone able to provide a source?

  22. I have a large carrier bag full of Bob Mumford tapes which I would like to go to a good home. They can easily be transferred to MP3 with the right software.
    Most have been played more than once but may need spooling before recording because they have been stored. Collectable from South East London or Gloucestershire.

  23. I’m very interested in anything you have on Bob MUmford. I just started listening to some old tapes of his that I have from 30 years ago. The message is very timely.

  24. Jennifer, Thanks for your question – unfortunately I have been unable to locate much material from Bob Mumford. The only recommendations I can make are to visit his website for more recent materials ( and to try Amazon for used copies of older books. Was there something particular you were looking for?

    Hope this helps but I too am looking for leads!

  25. I’m trying to find a copy of the vision that Bro. Ern had that involved quonset huts.

  26. Here’s the transcript of it Patricia – he brought it in the memorable message “Thy Kingdom Come” at the Kansas City Conference in 1975!

    “One night as I waited there, I felt I should get on my knees and as I got on my knees I had a vision. In the vision I saw the earth as the astronauts pictured it from the moon. It was an orb out in space and all over that orb were Quonset huts. Now many of you are too young to know what they are, but after the last world war, the army sold those aluminium, warehouse-like structures called Quonset huts which had become army surplus. At any rate, I saw Quonset huts all over the globe and they were all the same size.

    I said, “God, what’s this?”.

    And He replied; “I am going to have in every place a people that are known for the anointing”. Now at that time I had a permanent pastoral charge and I didn’t know then that I would be involved in a travelling ministry. But He said next; “And when you travel from place to place, you will not ask for My people by this name or that but you will say – ‘Where are the people of the anointing’?”.

  27. The transcript of the sermon “Thy Kingdom Come” with that vision is available here;

  28. I’ve been trying to find sermons on the web by Ern Baxter. I found a number of his sermons at!!! Lately I’ve been having a little trouble getting to the site. Maybe other people have found it too.

  29. I found 4 more sermons by Ern Baxter on a website called “Audio.” The correct address is . Enjoy. The other site “” has more sermons.

  30. check this out – you can download mp3s

    mumford is the daddy


    forgot the link…..

  32. I have about 100 of Ern Baxter’s teachings in MP3 format on my web site (
    I have 230 more teachings ready to upload. They are free. Enjoy and be blessed.
    Dale Soileau

  33. hi, i would really love to know how John poole is? he preached with charles simpson and Bob Mumford in the 70s in whom i respected as teachers of the precious word, if you have any info i would really appreciate it, your brother in christ Tony … Australia

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