Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 17, 2006

More from Ern Baxter

Thank you to everyone who replied to yesterday’s entry about Ern Baxter. One of the most helpful links was provided by Gavin White who pointed me towards a blog by Dan Bowen who has generously worked to make more of Ern’s materials available.

Rather than start a new thread today, I wanted to hightlight Dan’s comment on yesterday’s post. In reply he mentions some further materials he is working on:

You might be interested in another book that I have transcribed that will be available shortly – as soon as I’ve edited it. It’s a transcript of a series of sermons called “The Priestly Clothing”. Ern was the keynote speaker at the Anglia Bible Week – a smaller Bible Week run by my home church in Dunstable. It’s an absolutely superb series where he takes one item (i.e the Linen Breeches, the Robe of the Ephod) night by night. I will let you know as soon as it’s ready!

Dan – thanks for keeping us posted and I think you will find a ready audience for Ern’s ministry!

If you would like to follow Dan’s blog, click here and I’m sure he would continue to welcome your feedback and comments.


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