Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | June 20, 2007

The Secret

the-secret.jpgMany of you will have seen the book ‘The Secret’ appear in bookshops and supermarkets as it works its way through the best-sellers list. Already it has been insanely popular in the US due to the massive marketing machine that is driving it and an endorsement from Ophrah Winfrey.

I think its popularity should be both a concern and an opportunity to the Christian world. It is a concern because it oozes a counterfeit spirituality that seems to be attractive to this post-modern generation.  Worse, it seems to present some of the worst features of Western consumerism and selfishness in a way that appears to make false values not just acceptable but attractive. I have not read more than just excerpts, but it seems to me that plain old-fashioned mammon has simply been given a new set of 21st century clothes.

What is the opportunity? Well, I think one of the reasons this book is so popular is that it seems to provide a ‘hope and faith’ of sorts, albeit seriously misplaced. Clearly it picks up on the innate human desire for spirituality and this is perhaps where Christians can catch the moment. Faith in Jesus Christ is the only ‘secret’ and perhaps we can redirect people’s hunger towards God.

You can catch a good article on this book here courtesy of Christianity Today. It includes the following illuminating quotation from Newsweek:

On an ethical level, The Secret appears deplorable. It concerns itself almost entirely with a narrow range of middle-class concerns—houses, cars, and vacations, followed by health and relationships, with the rest of humanity a very distant sixth. 

All I hope is that the Christian world goes after this with as much vigour as it did with The Da Vinci Code. At least Dan Brown’s book was sold as a work of fiction!



  1. I generally don’t make a habit of reading popular literature – I don’t pay attention to it at all. But this is truly frightening. And I don’t just wonder about the many people who are really thinking about buying into this philosophy…and those who actually have…But I think about those individuals who have personally had a hand in either writing or promoting this book.

    As for me, I thank my Lord Jesus Christ that He saved me from such nonsense. I thank Him that I was saved by His mercy, and that I will never have to stand before Him to give an account of why I promoted such shameless twaddle. For their own sakes, the writers and promoters of this book need to repent – and the sooner, the better.

    Ultimately, when this spiritual house of cards collapses in people’s lives (and everything that exalts itself above the true knowledge of God is just such a house of cards), then we as the church of our Lord Jesus Christ – the sons of God – are the only ones who will have the answer big enough to deal with the damage…

    Sorry for the long post, Hugh…but this one got me going.

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