Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | June 6, 2007


As promised, here is another quotation from ‘The Radical Christian’:

In striking contrast to humanistic and evolutionary theories of man being able to lift himself up by his boot straps to loftier moral and social heights, the gospel cuts the ground from beneath his feet. It calls on him to repent, that is, to admit to his own defeat and failure, to his moral and spiritual bankruptcy. The gospel declares that man’s hope is not to be found in evolution but in revolution – revolution that is inward and spiritual. Repent is the first word of the gospel. It was the first word on the lips of John the Baptist, of Jesus, of the apostles, of the early church. There is no word in the whole of the gospel more radical, for it lays the axe to the root of all that man is in himself. It sounds the death knell to all humanistic pretensions, for it says in effect, ‘Man, you cannot make it.’

To grab your own copy of this superb book – check out this post.


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