Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | June 5, 2007


Earlier in the week, I posted about the online copy of ‘The Radical Christian’ by Arthur Wallis. If you haven’t already checked this out, here is the first of a couple of taster quotes:

A true radical of the kingdom is a man who stands on clear ground in relation to truth. He cannot compromise his conscience, tamper with his convictions, or bend biblical principles for the sake of status or security. Though he does not court unpopularity for its own sake, he is not afraid of it if it comes. His concern is to obey God, and leave the consequences with him. All forms of unreality or pretence are an anathema to him. In words and actions he is captive to principle rather than expedience. This means that he will not hesitate to speak the truth in love for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Nor is he happy to ignore matters which need to be raised, in order to avoid an unpleasant confrontation. In the kingdom of God radicalism means unswerving righteousness.


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