Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 20, 2007

Church marketing

mainheader06c_01.gifIf you are interested in how the church presents itself to the world, it is well worth visiting the Church Marketing website. Although the site is sponsored by a commercial firm, it is a great source of articles and ideas about marketing.

There is quite a mixed bag of input, with some of my favourite items highlighting campaigns or other means of reaching a local community. Of course, larger churches with significant resources or budgets are featured but there are also some very creative approaches adopted by other smaller groups.

Their current post is interesting since it highlights an important issue – the particular situation is somewhat trivial but it does focus attention on a key question about effective design. Does it communicate effectively to the audience?

For me, effective design serves a purpose – there is a vital place for aesthetics and form, but we cannot get caught up in it just for the sake of it.



  1. I fully agree. I think it is important not to allow how a church looks publically to become the dominant area of interest. However I do think that it is incredibly naive to think we don’t need to give thought to how we look to those outside the church and how we appeal to them. After all, the main calling of Christianity is to reach outwards to the needy and the lost.

  2. The word marketing may not be in the bible but this one is.

    proclaim (transitive verb)
    1. declare something publicly; to announce something publicly and formally.
    2. declare somebody to be something; to declare publicly that somebody is something.
    3. show what something is; to show or reveal clearly what something is.
    4. make something clear; to state something emphatically or openly.

    Marketing in its true sense isn’t just about publicity or advertising. It is more than that. To market anything you have to be in touch with those you are trying to reach with your message. Marketing in secular terms can result in conning people that they have a need that product A or service B will meet. We offer something better…something or someone that meets real need. Jesus does this … does His body the church?

    Read Isaiah 61: v 1-3. Now that is a marketing strategy to be proud of. Can His church live up to it?

  3. Sounds a bit like Tesco`s or Asda.

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