Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 16, 2007

Wednesday wonders

YouTube is an absolute goldmine of amazing video clips. There seems to a neverending supply of new material and I am absolutely blown away by some of the viewing figures. Some of the most popular items have viewings running into millions and attached comments into their hundreds or even thousands. Incredible.

I’m sure you have your own favourites from the site, but today I wanted to point you towards one or two of mine. I’ve included clips of two of the most amazing guitarists. Their styles may not be to all tastes but I’m sure you will be blown away by their skill and remarkable musicianship.

The first clip is guitar virtuoso Erik Mongrain performing to a live audience. The second of another unusual guitarist in New York, Dominic Frasca. Enjoy!



  1. Awesome stuff. I’ll show it to my eldest son tonight who will be well impressed … especially as Erik Mongrain was influenced in his early years by Metallica! nuff said.

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