Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 14, 2007

Preparing for glory

Introduction to 1 Corinthians

Thanks to the quick work of our superb PA team here in New Covenant Church, the first message in our 10:31 series is available to download here.   Before we get into the details of the book, Mick Walford provides some useful background to Paul’s letter and shows why ‘all for the glory of God’ is such an important theme.



  1. Unfortunately one comment got lost in the system, so I will publish it here instead:

    just a few short words about the exciting weeks ahead for NCC as we enter the Church in Corinth. My understanding of 1st Corinthians was that this letter was written by Paul to the Church in Corinth by way of instruction, clarification and guidance. The letter was intended – at one level – to remind Christians what was acceptable and what wasn’t. I think Mick, on Sunday, put the Church in Corinth into its correct contemporary cultural setting (in a wider sense) by telling us of the behaviour of the majority of people in that area and hence the reputation of Corinth. Paul wrote to the Church to remind folk what God’s standards expected of them compared to those of the world. 1st Corinthians is a bit of a “mish-mash” as far as instruction goes because it does seem to jump from one issue to the next – but taken all together the higher aim is that of the Body and Temple of God and seeing God’s Glory in “that place”.

  2. Just finished reading all of Corinthians. Can`t wait to hear more..

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