Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 13, 2007


Today our church is beginning the 10:31 series advertised below. Over the coming weeks, we will be taking a journey through Paul’s letter of 1 Corinthians. This is perhaps one of the most dynamic and challenging of the New Testament letters absolutely filled with directions and instructions on church life.

You can find links to the messages in the resources section of our website and I’ll post here additional resources from time to time that tie in to the series. Of course, you are also welcome to leave your own feedback and questions as the series unfolds…

If you would like a ‘quick reference’ – download the PDF page below. It contatins links to some of the various resources. I have been trying to turn it into Windows wallpaper with active links so that you can quickly reach any resources from your desktop. However, my technical skills are not quite up to it so try opening the PDF in full screen (CTRL L) and at least you’ll get an idea of what I was trying to achieve!

icon_pdf_small.gif 10:31 All for the glory of God


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