Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | April 23, 2007

25 years on…

Resotration MagazineFollowing a conversation earlier today with a fellow Spirit-filled teacher of the Word in South Africa, I looked back through several old copies of Restoration, the Christian magazine that ran for a good many years back in the 1980s and 1990s.

One particular copy from November/December 1981 was about apostles and it included articles by Arthur Wallis, Bryn Jones, Terry Virgo and David Tomlinson. When re-reading their material, I was again reminded of the massive impact their ministries made on the church at that time.

Even after more than 25 years, their words still resonate strongly and again I found myself grateful for these men who dared to teach and live out bold truths from Scripture. So many churches across the UK and also overseas are living testimony to apostolic ministry.

Just as a taster, here are a few words from Terry Virgo’s article:

The church will come to fullness today as apostles emerge in mutual submission to one another, honouring the various spheres of ministry and honouring each other’s gifts. In turn, they will draw teams around them thus delivering themselves from the snare of individualism. In this way mature churches will emerge. We are living in days of reformation. Let us not stop short of God’s goal for us by failing to draw on all his provision.

The Apostle is No ‘Optional Extra’, Terry Virgo (Restoration Magazine, Nov/Dec 1981)



  1. Wow. That’s really good, Hugh. What a rich heritage to have – with time to grow into it.

    In the minstry group that I was involved with, we sometimes heard about the apostolic…We knew that someone who hung out with Bob Mumford and Derek Prince had prophecied that calling over our pastor…and that our pastor was one…And our pastor mentioned it ever so rarely, and never made a very big deal about it…But we didn’t really start to learn about what all of that meant until the mid – late ’90s; and the bulk of the teaching that we received came from WAY different places. So I am always really surprised to hear that the real re-emergence of that particular 5-fold ministry happened as early as it did. We never cease to be surprised by that fact. Isn’t that funny? But what a marvelous heritage to have…and to have had all of this time to grow into it, to embrace it, and to blossom under it. Envy is a sin, I know…Dare I say it?…


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