Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | August 27, 2006

What is Jihad?

I have never really understood the Islamic concept of jihad. Particularly in times of conflict such as war or terrorism, it is a label that seems to be used fairly liberally on all sides. Even within Islam itself, there does not seem to be a consistent view –  some extreme Muslims seem to use it as a moral defence for bloodshed and violence, other moderates appear to completely remove the idea of actual or physical violence from any understanding of ‘jihad’.

If, like me, you are interested to know more about jihad and its meaning, check out this article from Christian History’w website. It provides a very good overview of its various meanings but I particuarly liked one of its concluding observations:

The actions of Jesus and Muhammad show the stark contrast in founding principles between their two religions. … While there is certainly room for debate over how well Christians and Muslims have followed the teachings of their respective leaders, there is no doubt about the contrasting visions of Jesus and Muhammad for how God’s kingdom should be advanced.



  1. That is so true, Hugh. Lord Jesus, the Father’s Son, is God Himself – Holy and Just, Merciful and Compassionate, abounding in steadfast Love…

    I’m forever glad that I made the choice that I did. I would rather follow God’s Son Himself than someone who carries a claim to be a prophet. Lord Jesus was declared with Power to be the Son of God (Ro. 1). I am inclined to think that He knows what He is talking about.


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