Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | August 17, 2006

The Blank Bible

Over on the Life on Wings blog, my friend Dan recently posted details of a new publication from Yale University Press – a volume containing a copy of the Jonathan Edward’s ‘blank’ bible. This was a personal edition of the bible that he rebound to include blank paper and space for his own annotations, notes, reflections and other marginalia.

Regrattably this volume is priced at $200 (upwards of £100!) and so I don’t anticipate adding it my library quite yet – even though I would love to look over the personal notes of one of history’s greatest pastor-teachers.

If you fancy a loose-leaf bible you can check out who have several editions (US letter size NOT A4 – which is a shame for UK customers!). However, you might also like to check out the articles on the Shepherd’s Scrapbook blog which attempt a DIY version of the ‘blank bible’. He’s just published the latest article and seems to have created a superb item – truly a ‘personal edition’ of the Bible.


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