Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | August 10, 2006


In the US state of Ohio, one church has put up a massive statue of Jesus that is more than 60 feet tall. Built by the creator of several large sculotures for Las Vegas and Disney World, it was commissioned by a large megachurch to overlook their baptismal area.

You can read up on it in an article which has already highlighted it as a tourist curiosity. In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from the article – you can probably see why it has already attracted a large number of nicknames, including Big J, touchdown Jesus and drowning Jesus!



  1. We should hire this guy for when we get our own building 🙂 It appears that Jesus is also no longer able to walk on water as he seems to be slowly sinking below the surface.

  2. Hugh, as you know the building project at my church is nearly complete – or at least I thought it was until I read this post – I wonder if we’ll get one of those past the planners?

  3. Hey, guys, I have an idea!! What do you think of this? To go along with the whole Disney-statue-tourist thing…If you can GET attention by putting up a huge statue, you can probably KEEP it by turning the whole baptismal area into a water park!!! Underneath the statue, you could put a great big water slide…and baptism candidates could enter the font on intertubes!! I bet you could get LOTS of converts THAT way!!!


  4. The big question though is should we charge Disney sized entrance fees 🙂

  5. I know it’s hideous. It’s right down the road from me. I’ve called the pastoral staff and told them it’s un-Biblical. You can imagine they didn’t take to that to well.

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