Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | July 31, 2006

Bible Week

We have just returned from this year’s Ministries Without Borders conference ‘See Above & Beyond’. It was a great week that included ministry from Tony Ling, Keri Jones, Noralv Askeland and many others.

Gavin White has quickly recapped his highlights and I completely second that one of the greatest joys was having the time (and the weather!) to be able to hang out with the church family. One of my highlights was watching the presentation on some of the major projects achieved or supported through Ministries Without Borders during the last year or so. It was thrilling to see not only how much people in our related churches had so generously given to God but also to hear about how it was invested in life-giving projects around the world.



  1. Sounds like it was great. Was quite disappointed I couldn’t make it this year however next year looks good for my first ever attendance 🙂

    I posted something similar to this on Roger’s blog. In it I mentioned my concern over the price. As I said there my concern is not based on any personal financial difficulties. Equally I know that the price is a fair amount to cover the costs.

    However I do feel that the cost is too high for some who might benefit the most from bible week. I know that churches do subsadies people who struggle. However many people feel embarrased about charity and do not like to ask for or accept it.

    I do feel that perhaps either instead of or in addition to, a way should be found to scale back bible week to allow for a more affordable price. I think it’s important that everyone should feel they can join together for fellowship and at the current price I can’t help but feel many feel excluded. I know this is in no way deliberate but I know several people who find the whole thing to expensive and thus choose not to go.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have a clear idea as to how a cheaper event could be put on but my first thoughts would be to a) reduce the number of days and b) reduce the amount that is put on. From what I hear from people who go, the thing that is enjoyed the most is the chance to fellowship together. Even if Bible Week continues as it is, I personally feel there is a desperate need for something that will allow everyone the chance to fellowship without high costs.

  2. Justin – hope you can make it next year, it is an excellent week for both fellowship and minstry.

    As with everything, costs are always an issue. Realistically, I think the key way that fees can be reduced is by increasing the number of attendees. Most of the main budget items such as the showground site hire and audiovisual services are incurred irrespective of the number of participants. Therefore I would hope that a greater number of participants will allow the price to drop as more people contribute to this overall budget.

    The other practical thing is to budget ahead – we have a monthly standing order from our regular income which is then used to pay for the fees. Based on this year’s fees, it would work out only about £7-8 per month for an individual adult booking.

    I take your point about sensitivities regarding asking for help – all I can say is that we can only provide it if people are open and let us know. While we are not in the business of providing charity, as elders we do want to help people build experiences where they can hear the word of God and experience his presence.

  3. Thanks for responding. I do agree that there probably is no easy answer apart from more people to spread the cost. I feel blessed that hopefully next year when I can get the time off, I know that I can afford to go. My concern was mainly for those who I know it would be hard to go. I certainly think from what I hear, that what you get is fantastic value for money though.

  4. Great to read about the Bible Week and I wonder if some of the ministry will be made available in some format? You mentioned desiring growth – how many did this years Bible Week gather approximately?

    [Hugh] Thanks for your message – yes, ministry will be available on CD/DVD in due course. However, Matthew Ling (one of my fellow elders in the Coventry church) has posted very quick summaries of each message here. I think numbers were about 1000 adults plus children.

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