Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | July 8, 2006

James in July – weekend workshop

Many thanks to all of you here in Swansea that participated in this weekend’s ‘James in July’ workshop. It was great to take a few hours to explore together this exciting but challenging book.

If you would like to recap on the session introducing James’ letter or the later sessions looking at each of the chapters, I have published the visuals/slides as a Flickr photostream. You can either click through the (random) images in the sidebar of this page or follow these links to each of the specific image sets.

Essential questions about James
The challenge of God’s wisdom

Of course, feedback and comments are also welcome both here or you can add them to specific Flickr images.



  1. Dear Hugh / Mick

    I thoroughly enjoyed Friday night and gained a clearer understanding of this short yet powerful book. My recollection of James is the part in chapter 3 where he speaks about “The Tongue Which Cannot Be Tamed” – I always think about the two sides of this “little member which boasts great things” – the praise and singing, the kind words, the words of encoragement, the good and true things which can be said, one person to another – the warning from James however, is the other side of this faculty which is the ability of the spoken word to cause all sorts of harm and anguish, how many times have we all said things that we know we shouldn’t have, spoken words that have been regretted and caused hurt to loved ones – I suppose in lots of respects conflict and war all start with the exchange of harsh and cruel words intended to cause upset, hurt and pain and so I think James is quite right to remind us that we should think about what we say before we say it – so again thankyou for the effort put into the presentation and resource and the evening itself – God Bless – Kevin

  2. Kevin – many thanks for your comments. I appreciated your participation and in particular bringing the questions you wanted to ask about the letter. If you like James 3 – look out for Sunday’s message!

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