Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | July 5, 2006

Spiritual legacies

Over the last few days I have read again some of posts here and on the blogs of friends and colleagues about the legacy that men such as Bryn Jones and Ern Baxter have left to the church. It has been stirring to again hear their words quoted and circulated.

One thing that has struck me is that their lasting impact has largely been through other men they have taught and shaped. There is a whole set of spiritual connections through which their ministry continues to take effect. Although often their books and messages are influential, breakthrough progress has been through working closely with specific people.

It would be fascinating to map our some of these connections and links. For example, you could follow this chain of ministry as it applies to me:

  • Hugh Griffiths has been taught and influenced by Roger Aubrey
  • Roger Aubrey has been shaped by Bryn Jones
  • Bryn Jones was influenced by Ern Baxter
  • Ern Baxter worked regularly with William Branham (see photo below from 1948)

Ern Baxter and William Branham

This sort of pattern is seen time after time, as men of God leave a spiritual legacy to those around them. This rich deposit entrusts the word to faithful men (as Paul instructed Timothy) so that the work of God is also entrusted to the next generation.

I am so thankful for all of the legacies of faith that have come into my life over the years, but I am also challenged about being more deliberate and intentional in passing them on.



  1. It is amazing, isn’t it?! Wow – I think I will do my OWN map!! It looks like fun!! And then, we can really appreciate and be thankful for the rich spiritual heritage that our Lord Jesus has graciously given us!!!


  2. Ern Baxter is referred to in 27 of William Branham’s recorded sermons. William Branham refers to Ern Baxter as his associate. They worked closely together. No doubt he was also friends with the young Paul Cain at that time.

  3. Ah hah … I come closer to William Branham on my map 😉 Is that a good thing?!

    Dan Bowen was taught and pastored by Stanley Jebb.
    Stanley Jebb was pastored and covered by Ern Baxter.
    Ern Baxter worked and preached with William Branham.

    I had never thought of it like that before really! That’s an amazing concept and it has made me so grateful for the spiritual heritage that we share.

  4. It may be an exciting thing Dan, but don’t make too much of it. Remember that amidst all the miracles and prophetic insight that there was much the William Branham preached that was gross error.

    Now you don’t want all that transfering do you!!


  5. Very good point!! 😦

    I stand reminded!! However the thing I always am challenged is that Ern Baxter always used to remind us that his gifting and anointing was genuine. He was used mightily by God! We can’t forget that. Yes the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable. But Ern used to say that charisma doesn’t presuppose character. We can’t put people with remarkable giftings on pedestals if their character doesn’t match up.

  6. We could be best friends – I like your heart… May the Lord cause a fresh wind of His Spirit to blow over your life. The Lord richly bless you. Jon

  7. Thanks for the great post. I will also have to start a map. It will serve as another example of God’s faithfullness.

    See, God knows what you needed and continue to need. So he molded Ern Baxter so that he could influence and teach Bryn Jones who then influenced and taught Roger Aubrey who then is now teaching and influencing Hugh Griffiths today. God has been looking after you long before you were born 🙂

    Isn’t God Amazing?!



  8. I think we will be best friends!! 😀 You have inspired me to start up another blog – It’s called the “Spirit of God!”. Find it here:

    Thanks so much for your prayer. It’s amazing I was just in the shower with that great Stoneleigh song; “Let it Rain!”. What a prayer. This post has been so great in stimulating thoughts of God’s faithfulness as Marcos said. The relentless unchanging will of God that seizes weak men lost in sin such as we. And snaps us up into His great plans to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth!!

    Thanks Hugh for this!

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