Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | June 29, 2006


First there was Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, then there was Narnia, then Da Vinci Code…but now Superman.

It seems that parts of the church is again gearing up for making the most of Hollywood’s latest release. Although one writer thought the new Superman movie would be left alone just for us to enjoy simply as a blockbuster, another has written a book ‘The Gospel According to the World’s Greatest Superhero‘.

The film’s director Bryan Singer said ‘Superman is the Jesus Christ of Superheroes’ and this book picks up the apparent parallels. For example, the book blurb includes:

“From above, a heavenly father sends his only son to save the Earth

Sound familiar? It should—because the Superman storytellers based Superman on Jesus on purpose! That’s why the Man of Steel actually champions the truth about the Super Man Himself—Jesus—and this can show readers how to reach friends and family in today’s entertainment-focused culture.

Stephen Skelton’s faster-than-a-speeding-bullet discussions reveal that…

the Superman storytellers confirm they modeled Superman on Christ Superman and his father share the name “El” (Hebrew for “God”)…and his earthly parents were originally named “Mary” and “Joseph” Superman movies, TV shows, and comics are built on parallels to Christ’s death, burial, resurrection, and second coming”

More detail is available in this article by the author which gives some ideas for communicating gospel ideas from the movie.



  1. It’s amazing what films you can base Christian teachings around. I myself am hoping to soon publish a book on the Christian family values taught in the Godfather Trilogy 😉

  2. Hi, Hugh –

    I vaguely remember hearing about that whole parallel thing before. It is an interesting thought, that the original character was based on Lord Jesus. As for using the movie to evangelize, I suppose God will use whatever He will use. We are to be ready to share the Gospel, in season and out of season – this is also a thought that is going through my mind right now. I am still formulating my ideas about that type of thing, I suppose – and have been for a long time. If that approach reaches some people who would otherwise be unreachable, GREAT. – But as for me, if Lord Jesus said to me, “kls, I AM your God, but choose the method that you would like Me to touch the world,” – which He will certainly NOT do, by the way, because He is God and He knows that I am not – I am thinking that I would opt for the “power of the Gospel” one that I read about in Acts. =-)

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