Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | June 15, 2006

The Bible – in outline

Particularly for those of you who have been following my Keynote Series of guides to each book of the Bible, you may like to see the outline prepared by Jim Townsend.

In his article on the Christianity Today website, he lists the major threads and themes for each book. It's a great summary or starting point to get an overview.

Here is a taster below for the book of Genesis, and I have also prepared a PDF version of the article which you can download should you want to use the material for future reference.

God is creator (1)
God communicates with human beings (1,2)
Sin is a present reality (3)
Sin messes up relationships (3)
God seeks out those who have sinned (3)
Start-over opportunities are available to those who've sinned (3)
Sin is the cause of death (3)
Sin erupts in violence (4)
Sin spirals and invades all of life (6)
God can't let sin go on forever (6-9)
Sometimes nearly everything must be destroyed to start over
Heritage trees are important (10)
Humans challenge God's primacy (11)
God calls people for specific purposes (12)
God wants people to respond to His words in faith (15:6)
Faithful obedience is a hallmark of faith
God seeks out covenant relationships with people (9, 12, 15, 17)
God uses flawed people (25, 27)
God tests our trust (22)
God's plans demand patience
Children often have the same flaws as their parents (20, 26)
Peacemaking is a valuable trait (26)
Taking matters into our own hands has consequences (30)
Responsible people don't let setbacks stall them (Joseph)
Eventually responsibility and excellence are rewarded (Joseph)

icon_pdf_small.gifBible in Outline by Jim Townsend


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