Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | June 13, 2006

God is drawn to movement

In the current issue of Voice to the Nations, Paul Scanlon of Abundant Life Church in Bradford has an excellent article 'God is Drawn to Movement'. Unfortunately the article is not yet available online, so I will include just a brief quotation and recommend you get on their mailing list using the link above.

There are, broadly speaking, two distinct schools of thinking among charismatic believers with regard to divine guidance and the discovery of God's will for our lives.

School one, and by far the largest, is summed up by the mentality that says ' I don't move without God's guidance'. School two is the complete opposite. It says ' I don't expect God's guidance until I move'.

I wonder which one you are in. Do you believe that God's guidance is the cause of your movement, or an effect your movement causes? … As you've probably noticed, I'm a fully paid up member of the second school of guidance! I firmly believe that the Bible contains far more evidence to support the idea that God is drawn to people in motion than he is to peope who are parked up, praying about his will.



  1. I agree with you, Hugh. It would have been very bad if Paul the Apostle had been holed up in Antioch, waiting for Lord Jesus to put all his missionary ducks in a row – because, in his going – and in trying to preach in Asia – Holy Spirit was given the lattitude, the opportunity, to direct him toward Macedonia. It seems to me that “non-movement” can – in a way – be a kind of unbelief: “Lord Jesus, I believe that You are God, but I’m not moving until You lay it all out for me…I just can’t trust You to handle the details as we go.” It is…like…each opportunity is a door…and sometimes He requires that we push on a door…and sometimes He will open a door, and sometimes He won’t. But there is faith in the trying. And, perhaps, this is one way in which He sharpens our hearing.

    I used to hole up on my decisions and say, “Lord Jesus, I’m not doing ANYTHING – Lord, just drop the details on my head, right now.” And I have to be very careful, because I can easily slip back into that mode of thinking. He blesses our efforts and the work of our hands. If we give Him a direction that we are trying to move in, then we give Him opportunity to speak into it…And we are actually exhibiting FAITH.

  2. I agree with you. I can’t stop and expect God to move through me. Faith with out words is DEAD. As we walk out the word of God miracles and fruitfullness follow.

    We were never meant to stop our movement. It is like asking the Lord for a job day after day –while staying in bed watching tv!! You won’t get a job till you get up, sk and fill out those applicationscations.— God is drawn to movement and shows His power and provision to those who walk in His word.

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