Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | June 7, 2006


Two publishers have brought out a couple of titles just in time for Fathers' Day on Sunday 18 June. You might want to check out one or both of these if you are looking for ideas for someone you know (or even if you want to make some suggestions for your own gift!)

bookofcool.jpgThe Book of Cool
The Book of Cool is something of a publishing phenomenon which has gained considerable momentum in the US and is now on sale in the UK. Developed by Clive and Fred Rees, a father and son team. Comprising 3 DVDs and a full colour 300 page book, it's a self-teach package of cool tricks and stunts. From the blurb:

"Learn from the wisdom of 35 of the world's most talented sportsmen & performers as they teach you to master over 250 of their coolest's tricks, skills and moves"

The coolest thing is that Clive Rees lives here in Swansea. Check out their website for more information.

dangerousbook.jpgDangerous Book for Boys
This book describes itself as "a compendium of information so vital to men of all ages" contains a wealth of trivia, information and skills from the boyhood of time gone by – conkers, marbles, coin tricks, growing crystals,secret inks etc etc. You can read more about it at Amazon here.



  1. Father’s Day!!!!!! Oh my goodness it’s nearly Father’s day. Thanks for reminding me Hugh 🙂

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