Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | June 5, 2006

Fasten your seatbelts!?

Tomorrow is an auspicious day for superstitious Christians and 6 June 2006 – or 6-6-6 as some prefer to label – has generated a huge amount of nonsense. There hasn't really been this much fuss since the turning of the millenium when a couple of well-known ministries suggested heading for the hills and hiding out (presumably with a full library of the 'Left Behind' series to keep us entertained until it was safe to reappear?).

The bizarre website describes itself as 'the prophetic speedometer of end-time activity'. Their index of end-time activity is currently at 156 which they rank as 'fasten your seatbelts' time. So we may well see a spike in the ranking tomorrow!

Personally, I hate the amount of weirdness that is out there concerning the end-times. Perhaps it is just a cynical view on my part, but the categories listed in this 'rapture index' seem closer to an evaluation of US policy and outlook rather than any true prophetic insight.



  1. Heaven’s above. Is it the end times already? I too have seen some frightening portents. Why only today I saw a dead swan in the Pub On The Pond, although I think this has less to do with bird flu and more to do with too many students sitting in it. Those swans are only meant for four passengers max.

    6/6/6 also sees the release of The Omen remake, which, although will almost certainly be rubbish, just goes to show how even a release date can be a clever marekting ploy.

    Anyway as the world will no doubt end tomorrow I’m off now to max out my credit card, rob a bank, and arrange a £20,000 with one of those lovely loan companies you see advertised on T.V.

    I would say chat again tomorrow, but as we’ve just discussed there won’t really be much point 🙂

  2. One of my elders (Dan) says this: “Jesus won’t come back until the work is done. ” The work is not done.

    When I was a child, I remember sitting in a church library, waiting for my mom and dad to finish something – I don’t remember what…and I happened upon a book about the end times…I was twelve years old; and it scared me silly. Here is what I am thinking: Lord Jesus is not the one who scares His people silly – at least, that has never been my experience. Generally, it seems to me that the Biblical model is that He prepares His people for stuff (and there are even times when He prepares us – and we don’t even KNOW that He is preparing us!); and then He gives us grace – enablement – to do the stuff that He has prepared us to do. There is still Kingdom work to be done. And, frankly, (and not to be too flippant – please don’t take this wrong) – Lord Jesus and a friend from church and I have a coffee date tomorrow. =-)

  3. ‘Superstitious Christians’… isn’t that an oxymoron?! Got to go; four people on horses just passing by. Could it be….?

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