Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 23, 2006


Let's get on with it. We can't afford to waste another generation. For however many generations are to come, one thing is sure: we won;t get another shot at the target. This the final generation for us.

There is a church to build, a world to save and a kingdom to usher in. It is for this that we were redeemed, for this that we have become responsible – and for this we will be rewarded. So let's not delay. Dare to believe it. Dare to act on it. Make your time count for eternity!

Tony Ling (Stay or Move, Harvestime 1989) 



  1. Hallelujah! Praise God – Hugh, that is so huge! We must stay in step with what Holy Spirit is doing in our day, in our time. We must have the Word of God in our hears and in our mouths; we must conform to a Kingdom strategy – a Kingdom perspective – a Kingdom lifestyle. Dan, one of my elders, says often: “We can hasten the day of the Lord!” King Jesus our God sends us into fields white for harvest — and the fields will be even more and more ready, in the days to come. Tony is right. It is time to get on with it.

    Awesome post, Hugh!!

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