Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 17, 2006

Da Vinci Code: Issues | 01

If you are already fed up with The Da Vinci Code, I suggest you look away now and instead try the post here from Roger Aubrey!

Do we know our Bibles?

I am somewhat embarrassed by the sheer quantity and diversity of books, resources and other teaching materials now available regarding The Da Vinci Code. Whether you would like DVDs, books, articles, magazines or websites there is a vast wealth of DVC stuff aimed at the general Christian market.

Much of the material seems to aimed at capitalising on the huge public interest that follows this best seller, particularly in the wake of the upcoming film release. However from what this mass of resources seems to be fuelled by two main concerns:

  • A desire to engage culture and use DVC as a vehicle for mission
  • A need to educate Christians regarding the truth about Jesus, his life and ministry

There is perhaps a third factor at play – Christian marketing by large ministries, publishing houses and the like, although I would assume that their motives are one or both of the above.

Both aspirations are to be commended but I do find it difficult to admit that the church needs such basic lessons. After all the main religious ideas suggested by Dan Brown's fiction are refuted by extremely basic doctrine on:

  • The nature and authority of Scripture
  • The nature and divinity of Jesus Christ

Please hear me right – I am not condemning outright resources or DVC materials, after all I too have contributed to the growing pile! However, I am saddened that major parts of the church appear to need help with very fundamental truths in order to be able to respond or engage with culture.

Clearly teachers, preachers and other ministries cannot assume that people hold or are even aware of core beliefs any longer. It seems that some of the reasons for introducing the Creed of Nicea within Christian worship have re-emerged or at least been highlighted again. This statement of orthodoxy from A.D. 325 was not only designed to combat heresy, but also provide basic doctrinal education.

I am generally no great fan of strict belief formulas, statements of faith, orders of service or other artificial religious 'forms of words' which can so easily stifle spiritual life. However, I am still left with the question – do we really know our Bibles?


icon_pdf_small.gifDa Vinci Code.pdf| Fiction – it's exactly that!



  1. Hi,

    Here’s another interesting article on the Da Vinci code from the bbc.

    Particularly interesting are the last few paragraphs where the reporter suggests that instead of protesting people would do better to use the film as a talking point to discuss the issues it raises.

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