Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 15, 2006

Da Vinci Code: issues for the church?

In recent weeks I have highlighted a number of articles and resources in connection with Da Vinci Code. Many of these are connected with either debunking the myths contained in the book or point toward ideas for outreach.

However, aside from these more 'external' aspects, I believe that the popularity of the book (and no doubt the film) indicate that perhaps the church needs to wake up to some key issues. The combination of the vast popular appeal and the immense interest across every form of media points cannot be accounted for only by the quality of Dan Brown's story-telling. He writes good compelling fiction – but clearly The Da Vinci Code is pressing other buttons in church and society alike.

Over the next few days I want to briefly cover at some of the issues raised. At the moment, these are some of them:

  • Do we know our Bibles?
  • Do we benefit from church history?
  • How do we present Jesus?
  • Do we value women and men equally?

I ask the first of these two questions because of the huge Christian market in DVC materials, most of which seem to provide answers on some basic issues of orthodoxy. The second two questions arise because clearly Dan Brown's fictional description of Jesus and Mary seems to resonate very strongly with (or at least intrigue!) many people.

What do you think are the issues that The Da Vinci Code raises for the church?



  1. I do agree that something more than simply Dan Brown’s writing appeals to people who read the Da Vinci Code. If you read his previous three books you realise his style hasn’t really changed (in fact some people might accuse him of using the same identikit plot structure with different settings for each of his four novels, but that’s another topic of discussion 🙂 )

    The first three books never sold in huge numbers (until the Da Vinci code and people starting going back to read his earlier books). As the books are so similar yet the early ones never originally appealed to a mass audience then as you say there must be something particular about the Da Vinci Code that appealed above Dan Brown’s writing style.

  2. Hi, there.

    I don’t know how you feel about this…The veracity of the Biblical historical record is absolutely sound, and greater men even than Brown have sought to cast doubt upon the Word of God – but to no avail, hallelujah! There are those who even ended up bowing their knees to its Author, when it was all said and done. Do you think that there is something more to all of this than just intellectual appeal? I mean, we know that there is a spiritual enemy who preys upon the minds and the hearts of men. Mind you, I’m not suggesting that Dan Brown is some sort of “dark conspirator” with the forces of darkness (at least, not wittingly)…but the accuser is able to use anything of the flesh and turn it to his own ends. Satan will use anything to supply just enough doubt to turn men’s hearts away from their Creator God, Who loved them enough to become man Himself and die for them. I wonder if it isn’t, first and foremost, a spiritual battle. We must know the Truth to combat any lie…But… the whole notion of this obsurd thing being so popular…I mean, it doesn’t seem “reasonable”. Without trying to seem weird, I don’t think that our culture just kind of decided on its own that it needed a little delusion with which to distract itself.

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