Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 12, 2006

Da Vinci Code: Questions – free download

If the recent articles on questions raised by The Da Vinci Code have been helpful, I have compiled them into a single PDF leaflet (about 600k) which you can download below.

Of course you can use or distribute the material freely but I would really welcome your feedback or further comments below. Please also let me know if you have other questions raised by the book.

icon_pdf_small.gifDa Vinci Code.pdf| Fiction – it's exactly that!



  1. I thought this interview with Tom Hanks about the Da Vinci Code on BBC news might be of interest.

    In it he comments on the fact that while enjoyable he considers the plot inplausible

  2. Thanks for making these resources available Hugh

  3. After watching da vinco code i felt, “every man has a right to have children and watch them play, after all ‘LIVE ONLY ONCE’ “. da vinci code is a very thoughtful movie that stands between blind religious believers(sheep behind sheep), and wise society that stands for betterment of human relations…Thank you Dan Brown

  4. Vishu – thanks for your comment. I’ve not yet seen the movie but I think something of your observation does explain part of the DVC popularity. It does certainly stand between cultures but is deceptive rather than helpful.

    Christianity is betrayed by the false ideas Dan Brown inserts as a version of the truth, and society is betrayed because he also alienates them from the truth or reality of the gospel which is so desperately needed. In the end both sides are fed a diet of untruths which are really to nobody’s direct betterment – except perhaps providing some popular reading and entertainment.

  5. I am debating if I should watch the movie, I have read the book and heard the movie is not as good…

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