Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 8, 2006

Da Vinci Code: Questions & Issues

The Da Vinci Code movie opens in just a couple of weeks and the huge interest that this book has generated is evident everywhere. Without doubt, Dan Brown's book is a publishing phenomenon and has already found its place in the history books for both its record sales and the religious speculation it has generated.

I have already posted some links which may be of interest, but over the next couple of weeks I want to try to address some of the questions I think are crucial for Christians to answer. The media circus that is now taking place does mean that The Da Vinci Code is firmly in the public eye and I trust that each of these following posts will provide some basic information that will be helpful.

  • This week – I want to outline brief answers to some of the questions Dan Brown raises in relation to Jesus and the early church. His book repeats many historical and biblical errors that have been around for centuries but his story has brought them new attention and debate.
  • Next week – I want to consider what issues the interest in The Da Vinci Code raises for the church. Without doubt, the book has taken a firm hold within culture and so we must ask why is it so popular? Perhaps there matters of spiritual hunger or religious interest that are being fed by Dan Brown's fiction? If so, we would do well to examine them and learn from them.

I hope you will join me to look at these questions and issues over the next week or two. As always, please feel free to comment or add to the debate by submitting your own thougts and responses .


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