Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | May 2, 2006

Ern Baxter – further links and information

Many thanks to all those of you who contacted me further regarding Ern Baxter. I am grateful to everyone who pointed me towards further resources. It was also a great privilege to get in contact with others who had also benefited from Ern's legacy.

Today, I want to highlight two particular contributions made over recent days which may be of interest.

I want to extend an invitation to anyone who appreciates the wonderful legacy of Brother Baxter's ministry to visit us at the Ern Baxter Memorial Library on the campus of Covenant Church of Mobile (Alabama). Brother Ern was a tremendously insightful and anointed prophetic Bible teacher, and a dear personal friend of my family. You can visit our website at for more information on the Library and the newly formed Covenant Institute.

Also, by way of information, I have just returned last night from our annual Leadership Conference in Gatlinburg, TN. In addition to my father, Charles Simpson ministering, we were privileged to have Bob Mumford, Ken Sumrall, and Terry Virgo ministering as well. Also in attendance were longtime friends Bishop Joseph Garlington, Don Pfotenhauer, Tom Monroe, Dick Leggatt, Sally Fesperman, Lee Ezell, Bishop Levi Knox, Michael Coleman, Jim Hamman, John Beckett, Gary Bergel, and so many others. We will have news and photos up on our website this week. God bless each one of you and please let us know if we can serve you in any way.

  • The second is from Mark Heath who kindly hosts two excellent transcripts of ministry from Ern Baxter. I have already mentioned Life on Wings, but also check out The Priestly Clothing which he recently made available. Both these transcripts were prepared by Dan Bowen whose blog is well worth a visit for more materials about Ern Baxter. Mark's website is also well worth exploring – particularly for book lovers. You can follow a good selection of reviews in his blog and there is also a helpful collection of bible commentary links.


  1. Thanks, Hugh. These are excellent links.

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