Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | April 25, 2006

No Limits – 3 key areas

Yesterday's quotation from Bryn Jones was from the start of his article 'No Limits to Your Growth' included in a 1981 Restoration magazine. Although the article is now almost 25 years old, it includes powerful reminders about what our faith should be expecting from God.

When I re-read Bryn's material I was very provoked about our levels of expectation. Often we have real faith for one area of our lives yet I believe the challenge is for us to believe that God wants us to grow and expand not just that one area but many. For example, you may know that God is prospering you in your work life – but work and career is not all and God also wants you to know his blessing in your spiritual life and gifting, your marriage and family, in your home and friendships and so on.

Over the next three days I want to include extracts from the original article but to start with here are three areas of growth that Bryn specifically highlighted:

  • God wants us to grow spiritually
  • God wants us to grow numerically
  • God wants us to grow in our ministry

As you read this and the posts that follow this week, if you feel similarly provoked about faith for growth – please take the time to leave a comment with your own response.

If God stirs you to believe his promise for a specific part of your life, please share it. Not only will this be an encouragement to other readers – I know it will also make a difference to you. Comitting to and declaring what God has spoken by putting into print (even on a blog!) can release your faith to work and bring His increase into your life.



  1. Thanks for this Hugh, as you can tell from the title of my blog – I’m in faith for increase in the whole of salvation and numerical increase in the church family where I am one of the Elders.

    I am in faith for thousands of people in our church family, at least 2,000.

    I’m also in faith and expectation that I will be in a meeting with a million pound offering very soon and that increasingly as a church we will deal in millions of pounds as we advance the Kingdom Of God in this world rather than thousands of pounds.

  2. Gavin – Thanks for adding your own response. When I first reread this article I thought of your own faith and expectation for God’s work in Manchester. ‘Thousands and millions’ is a great confession of all you are believing God for. I too am convinced that you will continue to see increase in your church and your impact in the city.

  3. Thanks Hugh for the encouragement

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