Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | April 4, 2006

Johan’s Ark

If you're looking for an innovative outreach strategy, take a look at this article from the BBC about Johan Huibers, a Dutchman who is building a 70 metre long replica of Noah's Ark.

One the estimated £1M project is complete, he is planning to take the vessel to 200 Dutch towns and cities in the next few years in order to share the testimony of his faith. The ark will have a children's play area, a restaurant as well as (of course!) a stock of animals. His aim is then to provide the gospel and a Bible to each family that visits.

The BBC mention in passing that his wife is not very keen on the idea. Perhaps Mrs Huibers will start to get used to it – especially since Mr Huibers said this huge vessel is only practice for completing an ark that is twice the size in line with the biblical dimenions.



  1. I do hope he hasn’t been told to build it in preparation for a global flood 🙂

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