Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | March 27, 2006

Spiritual Refreshment | One

Over the last few weeks, one of the I have been sharing into our church has been the remarkable provision of God – abundant spiritual life and the powerful filling and equipping of the Holy Spirit.

One of the keys highlighted to us prophetically was firstly to recognise that in order to experience more of God, we sometimes need to overcome spiritual passivity or inertia in our lives. When we recognise a thirst in our lives to know God better, to mature more into Christ or live more fully in the Holy Spirit it should motivate us to actively and deliberately seek the Lord. Then, as Scripture promises in James 4:2, when we draw near to God, he draws near to us.

On each of the next few days, I will put a short post relating to each of the three practical ways we can actively draw near to God that I spoke about yesterday. This is to post some additional material primarily for our own local church to make it easier to keep the Sunday message in mind during this coming week.

I will also post a link to the webcast of the message on our church website when it is availeble. In the meantime, here is the printed summary I prepared for our ministry leaders which you may also want to take a look at.

icon_pdf_small.gif Lifegroup notes_26 March 2006.pdf


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