Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | March 24, 2006

eNewsletters to try (4 of 5)

For the last several years, one of my favourite business writers and thinkers has been David Allen (for those of a certain age, not the Irish comedian!). His speciality is teaching and consulting on personal productivity, providing tools for managing the often overwhelming volume of stuff that seems to be a routine part of working life.

Combining my full time work as a brand/communications manager with my eldership in a growing church has been a real challenge to me personally. David Allen's method has been absolutely invaluable in helping me to balance the many demands of those roles alongside family life.

His book,Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity is excellent and gives a full overview of his approach. Having tried many time management ideas and books over the years, Getting Things Done (GTD) is certainly the best I have come across. However, he also publishes a regular email newsletter which deals with hints and tips to do with productivity. Sample copies as well as how to subscribe are here.

[update 30 March 2006: Recent entries on David Allen's own discussion forum referred to his background as a member of the MSIA, a new age spiritual movement. Unfortunately the postings have now been deleted (which tells you something!) but I wanted to let you know anyway. A background article is here in case it is of any interest.

I have found the GTD methodology very helpful but now that I know more of the his background, I guess it's reader beware. Certainly I can no longer so strongly endorse his methodology! I remember similar disappointment when I discovered that Steven Covey and his organisation were largely Mormon. What is it with cults and time management?]



  1. Sounds good. I will check it out.



  2. GTD golden rule: Do not click on the link to the sand game in the previous post!

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