Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | March 17, 2006

eNewsletters to try (3 of 5)

For today’s recommendation, I have chosen another newsletter you can subscribe to from John Maxwell’s ministry website. As well as Leadership Wired which I described last week, there are several other email publications that are sent out regularly.


One that I have tried and has some useful material is The Pastor’s Coach by Dan Reiland. Unfortunately I have found that the material varies in quality from issue to issue but it does include some articles which are thought-provoking.

Just as a taster, here is quotation from an previous issue:

Statistics indicate that the church is losing ground in today’s culture. Despite clear warnings about the decline of church participation, most churches continue to do business as usual. Too many ministries continue to function with their current customer base, even though they are not making significant inroads into the communities around them.

Every spiritual movement in history started because someone was willing to take a chance. They were men and women who dared to “rethink” what they believed and what they were actually responsible for doing in the name of the church.

If you would like to subsribe or view past issues, click here.


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