Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | March 16, 2006

Party politics and education

Several of the UK’s national newspapers carried as a front-page item an article relating to the new education bill that received its second reading in the House of Commons yesterday. The main point of interest was that the Prime Minister needed the support of votes from the Conservative party in order for substantial progress to be made.

I’m sure the political manouvering of this whole issue is more complicated than it first appears. However, I am more reassured than troubled that a major piece of legislation relating to something as important as education requires cross-party support. It seems to me that the debate on key issues should much less centre around party debate and much more about securing wholesale commitment to vital long-term social policies.

Certainly in the case of schooling, I am more concerned that any policy being debated received widespread endorsement from educationalists across the political spectrum than MPs simply blindly follow the whip.


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