Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | March 15, 2006

Responding to the Da Vinci Code

Last week I posted an entry about Dan Brown’s best-seller, The Da Vinci Code. I briefly described what I believed the church’s response should be – to declare the truth rather than engage in a negative campaign against, for example, the movie due to be released later this year.

In this vein, Lee Strobel has written some small group materials to help churches reach out in evangelism or deal with questions arising from the book. He has put together four sessions on DVD together with an accompanying discussion guide that addresses four questions raised by The Da Vinci Code:

  • What Can History Really Tell Us?
  • Can We Trust the Four Gospels?
  • What’s the Role of Women in Christianity?
  • Is Jesus Really the Son of God?

I just hope that these materials were intended for evangelism and not to educate the wider church. If we’re not familiar or secure enough with the Bible to be swayed by a fictional adventure story, we have something more important to worry about than responding to the latest Hollywood entertainment!

A link to the materials together with an introductory article is available here.



  1. Hugh

    As you know, I have thought about this one and after reading your blog today, I totally agree with you. Dave Lavery has commented on his blog that we are God’s Ambassadors. Evangelism is a major part of the role of the Ambassadors of Christ. We certainly should not fear anything overcoming the God-breathed Words in the Bible. We are equipped with The Holy Spirit, so like yourself, I hope that the church takes these materials to convert people to Christ and not simply to educate each other.

    I’ve said it off the record and now for the record – your site is much nicer to look at and simpler to follow.

  2. yeah, i know lee strobel very well. Case for Christ, Case for Faith. very good. I weep thinking of all the people who will exit the movie thinking this is how it really is….

  3. Thanks for your comments both – I’ve not yet seen Strobel’s materials but I hope they will be useful to help people discover ‘how it really is’.

    Carolyn, thanks too for your encouragement about the updated design. I’m still tweaking and it doesn’t yet include all I would like to but progressing gradually …

  4. Hugh,

    I agree, counter with facts not criticism. You might enjoy an illustrated alternative explanation of Leonardo’s work based on his interest in Renaissance Hermeticism and his use of androgynes (rather than Mary Magdalene) as occult religious symbolism of a very different kind. It’s posted at, and can be googled directly as “A Different da Vinci Code”

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