Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | March 8, 2006


You may have thought the title was simply to grab your attention. Well perhaps it was since sex is one of those ‘trigger’ subjects that seems to always guarantee an audience and fuels a huge sector of internet business.

However, the title was intended was intended to catch your attention because the subject is intensely important to God. It is an amazing gift to humankind, yet it has been twisted and misused by society causing immense damage as the boundaries placed on it by a loving creator have been pushed back and ignored. Instead of being respected as an precious gift forming part of the covenant bond that ties together one man and one woman in marriage, in many ways it has become simply another commodity.

Scripture places a very high value on the sexual relationship between man and wife where it is an integral part of the ‘profound mystery’ Paul describes in Ephesians 5:31-32. I find it absolutely amazing that the apostle talks about the ‘one flesh’ relationship as part of the same truth as Christ’s union with the church.

Perhaps there is a ‘theology of sex’ to be recovered that will allow Christianity to celebrate this amazing gift. It is not the easiest of themes to preach and teach, but certainly it cannot be avoided when the Bible in the Song of Songs’ (or ‘Snog of Snogs’ as it might be known!) includes it as such a prominent theme.



  1. I think a lot of the awkwardness that comes from addressing this subject stems from organisations like the Catholic Church that have essentially painted sex as something dirty but unfortunatly neccessary to continue the human race.

    You only have to look at the sex scandals that have rocked the Catholic church in the last years to see how ridiculous the idea that all their clergy must be celebate is.

    As for the ‘theology of sex’ just let me know when and where the course is taking place and I’ll be there 😉

  2. Excellent Hugh – We’ve had some great teaching on Sex and Covenant here in Manchester recently – you are right that as Christians we should have something to say that positive and biblically based on this topic – (I like the Song of Songs re-wording)

  3. Great post. I couple years ago I spoke to an after school (14 – 16yrs) bible club on the subject of sex. We advertised the study as “The best sex possible”. Needless to say the room was packed with Christians and unbelievers. I spoke for about twenty minuets on God’s gift of sex and then fielded questions for another 30 minuets. Young people are very confused about sex. They receive so much twisted information on the subject, it was great to introduce them to the creator and His intention. Four of the girls a couple days later gave their lives to the Lord. God is good.

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