Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | February 24, 2006

Restoration – what difference to you?

Looking again this week at some of the themes of Restoration Magazine has provoked in me two things:

  • Firstly, an immense gratitude to all those who pioneered such important revelation to the church in the UK. Personally, I am immensely thankful to Tony Ling who was not only my pastor for a season, but also taught the powerful prophetic truths of restoration with vigour, clarity and insight.
  • Secondly, I know there is a need for us to commit again to publishing such life-tranforming teaching. God’s word is so powerful that this revelation once again needs to be put into words that makes it applicable for this current generation.

Particularly in a time when the ’emerging church’ seems to be seeking to individualise or personalise every aspect of spiritual life, there is great need to reaffirm principles and truths of corporate church life.I’m not sure what aspect of Restoration I am most grateful for – all of the themes in yesterday’s post are significant and I deeply appreciate them all. However, if you can choose between them, I would be interested to know which of those ideas means the most to you and why?



  1. Hi Hugh

    I’ll still be living a dull and unfilled life if it wasn’t for restoration.

  2. Thankyou Hugh , for faithfully bringing this series of articles from Restoration to us . I agree with Daves’ post above , without vision we perish . I remember being taught these principles of Restoration ; and it was when as a young Christian I could see and understand this plan and purpose of God ; that every thing else fell into place , when every thing else made sense , I then knew what I was all about , what we are all about as a church , and committed myself to being part of the answer . Knowing what I am about and where I am going ; motivates me and gives me great joy . Father please bring back Restoration Magazine!!!

  3. Hugh , Therefore my choice from your list would be the Kingdom of God !!!

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