Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | February 22, 2006

Restoration – the logo

Restoration Logo.jpg

Restoration Magazine used the above logo which, like its vision statement, provided a rich insight into the convictions it carried. Described as a ‘sign of progress’ it had the following explanation attached to it:

The Restoration Magazine logo symbolises the purpose of God for his church from New Testament times onwards.

The light band at the tail end of the arrow represents the freshness and purity of the church’s early years following Pentecost. Decline then set in as scriptural guidelines were neglected. This is shown by the dark section of the arrow.

There is, however, a light line right through the dark area, a reminder that the Lord has always had a redeemed people, many of whom sought to order their corporate spiritual life according to New Testament principles.

Then the arrow opens out into the light again and, more than that, goes beyond the light band at its tail end. This represents the conviction that the church’s most glorious day is yet to be. Indeed, in its scope and purity it will go beyond the early church as the Bride makes herself ready.

Above all, the arrow-head indicates that we are going somewhere. God has a purpose in history, revolving around the church which is steadily moving forward. We cannot remain static or be content with perpetuating yesterday’s ways. We have a work to do, a destiny to fulfil and glory is our goal.

And you thought it was just an arrow ….



  1. I never knew that!! How fascinating!

  2. We need to get that on some t-shirts!

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