Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | February 10, 2006

Women Bishops

In an online article yesterday, BBC News reported that the Church of England’s ruling synod has agreed to consider a plan to ordain women as bishops. In a fashion perhaps typical of the Anglican church, it was described as a ‘compromise’ since the proposal would effectively allow a parish to choose whether they accepted a man or a woman bishop.

When I Googled to follow this up, I came across the following two items. The first may be of interest if, like me, you follow the debate on women in ministry. The second is much more frivolous!

1. House of Bishops Report

You can take a look at the discussion paper ‘Women Bishops in the Church of England?’ by clicking here (800k PDF file). It is illuminating how little of the document is given to biblical exposition – many of the arguments against, for example, rest on history and tradition. However, what is even more illuminating is that the case to support the ordination of women bishops takes no direct argument from Scripture. Instead it looks to cultural explanations, extra-biblical literature, inaccurate generalisations about Scripture. Where it refers to Paul’s injunction against it in 1 Timothy 2, they seem to say either he didn’t mean it or it was a later addition that needn’t be respected.

2. Surprising Google adwords

When I did a search for ‘women bishops’, Google placed some surprising sponsored links to the right of the results. You can try your own search by clicking here, but from the ones I saw, I’m sure the Church of England haven’t sponsored these!!



  1. Hugh this is the Church of England we’re talking about. I don’t think it’s that far out of the imagination to think that they wouldn’t sponsor these sort of links if it helps keep the CofE in the populist view 🙂

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