Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | February 9, 2006

Films of 2005

Munich  | SpielbergUnfortunately I do not get to the cinema as much as I would like. However, I am always interested in some of the major new releases, particularly those from renowned film makers such as Stephen Spielberg.

Munich‘, Spielberg’s latest movie, promises to be particularly challenging and deals with the aftermath of the murder of 11 Israeli atheletes at the 1972 Olympics, I’m sure it will provide a powerful commentary on the tensions and violence that still exist between the Jewish and Palestinian peoples. I’ve not yet seen the film, but a friend has posted an article describing his response, including what he sees as one of the central questions “is it right to act out of anger and revenge?”

It’s great to watch movies keeping important questions of faith and morality in mind. Particularly with popular films that become common currency, it is vital we consider the issues they raise and let our convictions touch the culture around us.

If, like me, you have missed some of the big films of last year, there is a superb Christianity Today article available here. I’m not sure I would have chosen to see all of the films listed (even Pride & Prejudice is not to all tastes!! :-)) but there are some useful links to more indepth reviews.

These reviews are excellent and provide good insights into the films and the themes they explore. Often there are also more individual comments and opinions left by other readers which can offer different viewpoints.

Also, at the end of the review, are two features which you may find helpful before deciding to watch it with family, friends or a small group:

  • Talk About It‘ – some useful questions for discussion, perhaps with friends or a small group
  • The Family Corner‘ – advice for parents about any potential hot-spots of language, nudity, violence etc that may put you off watching it.

Have any films recently made a major impact on you? If so, let me know – perhaps we should start a blogging theme or ‘film-week’?



  1. That top 10 film article is very interesting. Slightly embarrased to say I’ve only seen
    3 of the top ten films 🙂

    The thing I appreciated about is that it’s selection of films is broad
    (including it’s list of the ones that just missed the top 10). To often I
    see on Christian review sites a film being slated if it so much as shows one
    small thing that is considered unbiblical. A perfect example is The Corpse
    Bride which they mention just missing the top 10. Some of the other Christian
    movie reviews slate it. Their reasoning is the depiction of the after life in
    the film. Although I accept it is an unbiblical one, the film is fairy tale
    and not meant to depict fact. The depiction of the after life was just a
    visual setting for the story (which is quite tongue in cheek anyway).

    I appreciated the fact that this website looks seems in it’s reviews to look
    past things like that and review the films for the morals and meanings of
    the stories rather than the minutiae. Ultimately films should be judged on
    what they are saying to people not on the little details.

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