Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | February 7, 2006

Bono in the Whitehouse

Last Thursday, Bono from U2 addressed the US President’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. If you’d like to catch his address, click here to take you to the CNN site where you can watch it online. If you want to read rather than watch, then the text of his address is here.
One of the quick quotes that caught my attention was “Religion gets in the way of God”. Take a look and let me know what you think.



  1. “Religion gets in the way of God”, so God used Bono. Bono is by character bold, direct and assertive. He is an unreligious, controversial rockstar first (in the minds of most) but his faith will not compromise on God’s love and mercy and His heart for the poor (Jubilee 2000).
    Does he compromise the truth of the Word of God in favour of social welfare? I’m thinking about that. I believe that what Bono has done is in love, and so, God willing, will get funding/relief for his global crusade to rescue Africa from disease, debt and economic destruction. The speech was reaching out to christianity, islam and judaism, but excellently delivered by a man of God. That is One God, One Healer, One Restorer, The One who is Able to do more than we ask or think – Jesus Christ.
    I’m not a fan of even a hint of ‘all faiths’ exhortations but am amazed at how well Bono presented this. If America pledges that 1% tithe, it will be wonderful for African relief and ‘all faiths’ that helped. But does it bring any glory to Christ? “I ,and not some foreign God among you. You are my witnessess that I am God.” Isaiah 43.10-13

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