Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | February 3, 2006

Something lighter… or maybe not

Over the last week or two, my posts have focussed on the prophetic church. If you are still with me, I reckoned you deserved something more light-hearted.

Take a look at this virtual fridge-door and letters for completely pointless fun!

[Edit Sat. 4/2/2006see also below]

Please be warned – one reader kindly let me know that when they visited, there was a very limited range of words being spelled out – many of which were unpleasant and began with the letters F or C etc.

This leaves me with a very interesting dilemma – do I remove the post ?

The alphabet board is completely neutral and of itself is not causing offence since it is just a bunch of letters. However, the people who are using it can cause offence to others through their use of it. What should be done in terms of censorship to avoid intentional or unintentional offence?

This is a very small example of a key issue that has surfaced in the debate about the cartoons about Mohammed. Where a neutral medium exists for people to communicate – should access to that medium be censored so that certain groups are not offended? Given the current news and debate on the limits of the freedom of speech this is an interesting question.

(You may like to visit my friend Roger Aubrey’s blog who has written a very helpful post on the issue of the recent cartoons that offended Islam and the Muslim backlash it generated)

Let me know what you think ….deliberations and answers in the comments.


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