Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | February 2, 2006

The Prophetic Church | Restoration Magazine (4)

Here’s the final extract from ‘God’s Prophetic People’, an excellent article originally published in Restoration Magazine (November 1985)

3. Burden

God wants to impart to his people not only his mind but also his heart and feelings. Scripture is full of his love, his anger, his brokenheartedness, his tender compassion. ‘Burden’ means feeling the way that God feels about a situation. It doesn’t mean becoming introspective and depressed but it’s an emotional commitment that keeps us going to see the vision become a reality.

Too often we read from Scripture or bring a prophecy in a flat monotonous voice. Yet God wants us to convey his emotions – to feel the word of the Lord, to let it be a very part of us. When we prophesy about dancing, we should dance. When we talk of lying prostrate before God, we should do it, otherwise we are not being real.

A prophetic community then is a people seeing a clear vision, motivated by a current word, and experiencing an  increasing burden. If this is not our present experience then let’s cry together from our hearts: ‘Make us a prophetic community, Lord Jesus.’



  1. A great way to end. Feelings are too often relegated in importance in the Christian life. But our God is a passionate God, and he wants a people who reflect his nature.

    “The zeal of the Lord will accomplish this!”

    Thank you, Hugh for bringing this excellent article and the important issues it contains to the front of our minds where it belongs.

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