Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 31, 2006

The Prophetic Church | Restoration Magazine (2)

God’s Prophetic People (Restoration Magazine, November 1985) contd.

1. Vision

The prophet’s envisioning helps us to see the church, not as an irrelevant people ready for inevitable defeat, but as part of the generation that will see the restoration of all things, the making of the enemies of God into a footstool for his feet and the hastening of the day of the Lord.

He keeps before us the vision of God’s ultimate purpose. As a result, we don’t allow either past experience or present circumstance to rob us of our faith to see God achieve what he said he would achieve for a generation of responding people.

Vision also stops us heading in many unrelated directions at onece. It prevents us from becoming discouraged and it jeeps our motives right. No longer are we living just to receive personal blessing but to see God glorified.

God wants to consume us with his vision. The disciples said of Jesus that zeal for God’s house has consumed him (John 2:17, Psalm 69:9). How about us?



  1. Excellent Posts these Hugh, the role of the Prophet and our mandate to be a prophetic church are
    so important in God’s ultimate plan and intention of restoration and fulfilment of his Kingdom Purposes

  2. Amen. The big picture is so important.

    Without it we forget what we are working for and we become “Marthas” concerned about many things, but missing what is most important. Without the prophetic vision, we are like men building without the blueprint, like sailors adrift without their map. There may still be much activity, but there will be little progress.

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