Posted by: Hugh Griffiths | January 30, 2006

The Prophetic Church | Restoration Magazine (1)

Back in November 1985 Restoration Magazine published an issue devoted to the ministry of the prophet. One of the articles, God’s Prophetic People’, clearly described the role of the prophetic and to follow on from last weeks posts, I wanted to include it’s three main points. This was a ground-breaking magazine at the time and still an excellent teaching guide on vital spiritual issues.

Throughout Scripture God stresses the prophet’s importance. We find Jehosophat urging God’s people to ‘have faith in his prophets and you will be successful’ (2 Chronicles 20:20) .

Prophets are given as gifts to the body of Christ in order to inspire a prophetic church, men gripped by a clear vision of God’s intentions for his people and the world. Such a church, like the prophet, is committed to obey the current word of the Lord without compromise, regardless of the cost. And itis motivated by an intense burden that has its origein in the heart of God.

We should be crying out ‘Raise up a multitude of prophets around the world, Lord Jesus!’ because without them we shall never see ‘a highway for our God’ beinc built (Isaiah 40:3) nor shall we see the Lord Jesus returning in our generation.

Three Old Testament terms – vision, word and burden – characterise the ministry of a modern-day prophet and so show us what a prophetic community should be like.

Often God follows this pattern: he gives vision and then provides a specific word for the current situation, which leads to action. Then, as we continue in this word, sustained by an ongoing burden, the vision becomes reality.


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